Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chevrons 'n Me: a love story

There are just some things that make my world go 'round.

Like turquoise earrings.

Pea green shoes.

And ugly stuffed bunnies.

Today it's chevron ribbon.

I found these one inch wide ribbons at Paper and Pinafore's etsy store.

They caught my eye the same way puppies do.

...and three inch wedges I could never wear.

The colors....ahhhh the colors!

I love the colors.  I love them more than chocolate covered chocolate donuts.

More than sparkly eyeshadow.

More than....wait, is there anything else?

I don't exactly have a plan for the ribbons yet.  I mean, beyond laying them out next to me while I watch TV at night.

...we all have our own creative process, you know; mine just happens to involve proximity and Matlock.

1 comment:

  1. So Pretty...bring them over so I can touch them...please! Love Mom