Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Sale Day!

"So there's this girl in my spinning class who.....wait.  What does that sign say?"

"What sign?  I don't see a sign."


Oh yeah.


You know this is you.

It's me too.

I happen to be driven by the quest to find that one thing that may or may not be covered in varnish/ugly paint/melted popsicle/something questionable that can be turned into something I can mount on my wall/use as craft display/sit in closet for yet unknown purpose.

It makes sense.

And last Saturday I hit paydirt.  Six homes.  Five items.  Six dollars.

I can see you're speechless.

Allow me to break it all down for you.

Milk glass lamp.  One dollar.

I collect milk glass.  The good stuff is sorta see-through, which lets the light pass through and makes it look brighter.  But I mostly like it because I used to drink milk out of a set of glasses my mom had and I swear milk does taste better out of white glasses.

Old picture frame.  One dollar.

I collect picture frames.  Old frames.  Interesting frames.  And the best frames come from houses where the wife is preoccupied with selling little girl clothes and leaves the pricing to her husband who says "eh, gimme two dollars.....nah a dollar."

Natalie Grant CD.  Free!

Good, old fashioned worship music is never out of style.  And the owner of the garage in which I was browsing was more interested in spreading the message of Jesus than collecting the dollar he was charging for it and his daughter's old Backstreet Boys CDs.  Win-win.

Horse racing buttons.  Four dollars.

Corey has a shadow box nearly full of horse racing memorabilia.  I thought these two featuring the silks of Triple Crown winners (maybe you've heard of a little horse by the name of War Admiral, huh?  Huh??) would be a good addition.  And just as soon as we remember where we put the key to that box I'm sure they will fit in nicely.

Score for this girl.

"Now just keep your eyes peeled for another sign..."

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  1. That lamp looks like one I had when I was a little girl...awe....memories. I bet Auntie Cindy still has it.