Monday, July 23, 2012

Schroon Lake, you won me over

The following is how I mentally crafted this post mid-morning Saturday:

Oh Em Gosh, people.  Rudeness.  Nothing but rudeness.  I'm here in beautiful Schroon Lake, practically On The Lake and all I can see are these rude knuckleheads who are rudely rude right to my rude. 

Thank my stars my day eventually got better.

Saturday was the Schroon Lake Arts & Crafts Fair, at which I was a vendor.

*picture lifted from the Schroon Lake Association, a certain someone forgot her, it was me.

The Schwhat Lake wha-wha??

SLA&CF: a little fair on the shore of little lake in the gigantic Adirondack Park where you could just quit your job/life and live forever and ever.

Sure it takes an hour to get there.  And, yeah, you will most likely find yourself rolling through several "exploded" raccoon carcasses on the highway.

Nice mental picture, Stace.

But boy is it worth it.

I can say that now because my day later redeemed itself.  After staring up nostrils for most of the morning I finally found real, genuinely interested folks wander through my booth. 

(whose nostrils I did still see because there are some people who are taller than me and I sat down occasionally....)

Not all of them made purchases, and I could not have cared less.

"This is so cool!!" some of them would say.

Or "I love this ______!"

I was in heaven.

Wrap me up and call it a day.

Say goodnight Gracie.

Stick a fork in me....and so on.

Yes, of course I like the stuff that I make, but to hear you say you like the stuff I make is that little bit of confirmation I need to feel like I'm on the right track/not totally out of my craftin' mind.

So thank you! to my SLA&CF made my day!


(and of course thanks to my mom who I dragged out of the house at 6am to help me All Day Long, and to my dad who we forced to make us egg burritos before we you!)

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  1. IT was so much fun...and a beautiful day on the Lake. I would go again.