My name is Stacie.

Stacie Jo Lucas.

I run this thing called SJL Original.

And I craft.  Whimsically.

I have a husband, his name is Corey.  He makes jokes and dances around our apartment in shorts and black socks to Irish music.

We have a dog, his name is Oliver.  He is a middle aged Golden Retriever who gets grumpy when other dogs check out his business but is the apple of my eye.

I started this blog for all things crafty, but my boys will be here too.  Because you just might need a laugh.


Ready for my life story?

It was a warm July morning when I began my grand entrance into the world and....

For time sake I'll condense:

  • born July 16
  • in Southern California
  • two a-DOR-able little sisters came later
  • had dogs,
  • ducks,
  • guinnea pig,
  • more animals
  • moved to Elkhart, Indiana
  • played trombone
  • marched to near victory in state championship
  • Purdue University...Hail, hail to old Purdue...
  • moved to Upstate New York
  • married Corey
  • filled DVR with Matlock reruns
  • became famous movie star
  • retired to beach house in San Diego

Maybe I haven't completely fulfilled the timeline, yet.

I started in crafty endeavors at a very young age to my aunt Cindy's credit.  She taught me how to draw Fred Flintstone.

I graduated from Fred to Pooh, and by then I was filling sketch pads with drawings of comic book characters I had never even heard of.

I draw and sometimes paint.  I make things out of paper and fabric.  I've dabbled in clay and graphic design.  In searching for gifts to give my bridesmaids in 2009 I stumbled onto felted wool jewelry and haven't looked back.

I plan to expand my line of whimsical treats to brides, babies, and maybe even light fixtures.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Light fixtures in San Diego.

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  1. I can't help myself. Such a clash of contradictions. Devote Readers' Digest Matlock viewer meets edgy bangs-wearer modern bloggist.

    Nice to meet you Stacie!