Friday, June 29, 2012

Friends and jewelry and ample amounts of cheese

Hello working world.

All of you nine-to-fivers sitting in your offices, wondering why you packed a baloney sandwich when you were obviously thinking turkey.

I won't rub in that I'm looking out at the ocean on Cape Cod right now, or that the sound of the waves consistently drowns out Law and Order reruns at night.

But that's beside the point.

Corey and I have been in North Truro since Saturday and are packing up to leave early tomorrow.  We're this close to Provincetown, which is where we've spent a lot of our time, walking up and down commercial street; shopping, window shopping, filling up on Portuguese baked goods, and thinking aloud "are those storm clouds coming our way??"

Every Thursday you can find an arts and antique fair downtown.  I found it.

Which reminds me that I forgot to go back for the old sink stand I wanted.  Dangit.

I met a very nice girl there.  She was selling some old goodies that included a few scarves I would have loved to cut up.  For what purpose, I'm not quite sure, but I don't always have a plan when I make purchases.  Corey doesn't understand it.

The girl uses turquoise in the jewelry she makes and she had a display of earrings in her booth.  Not an entire representation of her work, but enough to make out what exactly she's about.

It was very pretty; intricate with bold colored beading.  I'm more of a simple gal myself but I can appreciate details in others' work.  I can pick out good composition when I see it.

Hello?  I did spend one whole year as an art major in college.

I'm kicking myself a little for not catching her name for the purpose of, at the very least, not having to call her "the girl" in this post!

What I loved most about our brief interaction was that as a slightly more seasoned, semi-professional crafter I was able to share some of my experiences with her (solicited, of course, i'm not that kind of girl) (wait, what does that even mean?  what i was trying to say is i don't go all yammering on about myself to people who don't need yammering to),  we talked about what works for me, what doesn't.  At the end of it all she can do what she wants with it, but she'll be able to make a decision with an iddy bit more information than she had before.

Helpful?  Maybe.  Hopefully.  But at the very least I wanted to impart that as a fellow crafter who would also like to make a little dough at this gig, I'm here; for support, and advice and criticism.  The good kind.


That was cheesy.  So cheesy.  I'm sorry you had to read that...unless you're like me, trying to make your way in this crazy world.

Again.  Please excuse.

Time to pack anyway.  Adios Cape Cod!

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