Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Almost ready!

My new favorite thing to do is tell people to hold on to their britches.


It's a dash old-timey and a sprinkle stuff-I-wish-we-still-said.

And maybe I get a little giggly when I read it real fast and it looks like something else.

Did you try it?

Are you giggling?


Ok....then it's just me.  Well this is embarrassing.

Anywho, what I'm trying to say is that you should just wait one hot minute because something lovely is going to happen here!  Ashley, owner of Little Leaf and blogger at Our Little Apartment is designing a blog for me to share this:

...and this:

...and sometimes this:

....because everyone needs to complain about the clumpiness of an awful tube of mascara every now and then.

So until we're up and running, keep holding onto those britches and check my facebook page for more deets!


UPDATE: Sooooo, we are obviously up and running.  Many, many thanks to Ashley for the design and not LOLing at my computer illiteracy.  "Self host WHAT?!"


  1. So cute! And I LOVE the necklaces hanging from the mirror ... might have to take one of those off your hands sometime soon :)

  2. love this. i am most def following and will TRY super hard to stop in now and then, cuz you are so rad!

    but dude get rid of that comment killer called word verification...cuz no one likes that thing and it totes hates me!