Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This post is for the birds

Hey guess what guys...I love birds!!


Those pesky little dummies that are full of germs and diseases and terrify my little doggie tickle my fancy like nothing other than milk glass can.

Don't know what it is about the stinky poopers; maybe all the colors, the bright reds and blues and yellows, that they can be as big as a mid-size SUV or as small as a cockroach or it could be that they aren't actually dumb at all.

But most likely it's just one of those mysteries you can't explain.

Like why chocolate has such a strong, strong hold over me.

And is the moon really made out of cheese??

And almost more than I love actual birds, I love, love, love John Audubon's collection of drawings of birds;  a collection of more than 700 species all drawn to scale and in their natural habitat.  Be still my heart!  The drawings are simple: not a leaf or flower too many, the colors are vivid but not overpowering...I'm getting a lump in my throat thinking about how much I love these drawings, is that weird?

I was traveling around the interwebs pretty aimlessly recently looking for accents to put in my bedroom after I paint and introduce some gold-toned bedding when I thought, "yellow-breasted warblers, for SURE!"

Srsly.  I did happen just like that.

With that thought, I tracked down some of my faves to build an Audubon collection of my own.

Mourning Dove

Yellow Breasted Warbler

Anna's Hummingbird



I die a little seeing the last two.  Get ahold of yourself, Stace.

It's safe to assume a healthy representation of Mr. Audubon's collection will find it's way into my home.  What will Corey think, you ask?  Well, when the options are drawings hanging on the walls or the real things eating his cereal and pooping on his furniture I think he'll warm up to my plan.

Pictures to come just as soon as I'm three years.

Just kidding.

But actually that's probably accurate.



  1. love the pics. I used to raise birds ...parrots mostly...rescues. Tons of mess, but they are all individuals and a heck of a lot of fun.