Monday, April 8, 2013

My weekend in a tweet

So over the weekend I flew to the moon and had tea with the queen and then I took a nap before I saw the Rolling Stones perform a special concert just for me because I called Mick and was like "what's that song you sing where you do that thing...??"

It was a slow weekend.


Have you noticed I never, ever post a recap of my super, awesome weekend adventures?  Now that I've dragged myself back on the blogging wagon I've given you something for your dreaded Mondays, but do you ever wonder what could I possibly be doing in those two days where the world is mine to do whatever I want with it, granted that anything is whatever can fit into one-and-a-half days because I do need my Sunday evenings to unwind by folding laundry in my jam-jams?

You're curious.

I can sense it.  I'm good at reading people.  That's why my friends call me Stacie Sixth Sense Lucas.

But they don't say it 10 times fast.  It's kind of a mouthful.

Now that I've made you aware of your curiosity and my mystique I kinda hate bursting both our bubbles by telling you the reason I never give weekend updates is because they're so lame I fall asleep even thinking about them.

Best part of this past weekend: finding a pair of kelly green matchstick jeans for 40% off the already reduced price.  Bam.

Best part of the weekend before: I was given a coupon written on receipt paper for buy-one-get-one-free coffee by a man who called me pretty and said he could help me pick out a good non-alcoholic wine at his wine store after I told him, not sure how we got on the subject, that I can't hold my liquor.

And the weekend before that: I got bangs.

You'll be glad I don't do wrap-ups after next weekend; my mom has recruited me to pick up dog turds in her back yard.  Imagine that play-by-play.

I don't remember Corey and I having so little going on last year at this time, but it seems like I go into mental hibernation when the weather goes below 45 degrees so this could be a typical early spring boring routine for us that I just don't remember.  Come late May when flowers start to bloom (yes I said start to bloomohmigoshhowImissSoCalweather) we'll have trips to camp, vacations, hikes, BBQs, baseball gamesgoYanks! and, if I have my way, kayaking all over that Saratoga Lake.

But until then I'll just have to find some enjoyment in green jeans and dog poop.

And lunch dates with her majesty.


  1. I love the pants - I haven't been happy with any of my colored jean forays although I would very much like a pair. Of some color!

    My weekends are very busy, but I don't do well with it too slow.

  2. ...and there are a lot of sticks to pick up too....but not as many as their are poop piles! Thanks for your help... Love Mom.

  3. oooops...I mean "there" not "their"...obviously!

  4. Thank you for sparing us the poop details. ;)