Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Katie-whats-her-face!

Here's something funny: today is my younger sister's birthday!

Wait for it, that's not actually the funny part...

She was born when I was four and we spent the next fourteen years under the same roof.  We've moved across the country together and because our family is insanely close, we've been around each other all. the. time. all. these. years. We know the kinds of things about each other only a sister would know....

....except for how to spell her middle name.

Yeesh, Stace.

Guilty as charged.  For the life of me I cannot spell it.

And I can't even pin this on my parents for giving her some wacky family name that's been passed down for some thirteen thousand years with, like, Js and Zs and Qs.  It's Nicole for crying out loud but spelled with an H and maybe the E but I'm not quite sure.

We laugh about it.

I think we do....right Katie??

Anyway, Happy Birthday sis!

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  1. NICHOLE....remember we were expecting a boy...he was going to be named we changed it to NICHOLE....ugh! Just kidding. Love you sweetie...get better soon.