Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rod Stewart and candy heart distractions

My dog died yesterday.

Whoa, way to just jump right into it, Stace.

If you follow me and/or Corey on Facebook you got the play-by-play over the weekend.  It wasn't a horrific, painful thing.  Just sad.  And quick.

If you don't follow me and/or Corey those are probably the only deets you'll get because re-living the whole thing makes me curl up into a little ball of crocodile tears and snot and a lot of ugly.  Really ugly.  And right now there are a few puddles of water under my desk from the snow I tracked in so it's just not a good time to get all up under there, plus I already lost, like, four pounds from crying all day yesterday.

It was water weight.

So in an effort to 1) not talk about it and 2) distract myself, I'm going on a random streak.

Be warned, I have no idea where this is going:

There is a chair in the bathroom at my office.  I'm tempted to just have a seat and wait for someone to walk in and carry on as if we're both there to chat about our days.

My breakfast these days is a chocolate protein shake.  I take my shake into the shower with me.

I wanted to get bangs again, but I'm afraid that if I do it now everyone will think I'm on a Michelle Obama bandwagon.  Not that I'm against that, I just like to march to the beat of my own drummer.

With that said, I would hate to be a "groupie" of anything.  Corey's co-worker looks exactly like Rod Stewart and while we were together at the track a few summers ago I thought, "ohmigosh people are staring, they think we're latch-ons!!"  Did not like the feeling.  What I did like: using that fake fame to get right into a busy restaurant later on.

I don't eat potato chips.  But sometimes I do, and those times I'm like, "uggghhh why am I eating these, I don't even like potato chips."  And then ten minutes later I'm like, "ugggghhh why am I STILL eating these?"  And not long after that I'm like, "uggghhhh I just finished that bag and now I have a stomach ache!"

That just happened.

I don't write about potty humor here even though I'm like a 12-year-old and find it extremely amusing.  My thoughts on this: if I want people to take me semi-seriously as a business lady I should act a tad professional in my blog posts.  I mean, I'm still 100% honest in my (very few) posts, I just leave out the gas.

Even though I really want to tell you about the one night I was startled awake by a fart.  It wasn't mine.  Living with a boy has been interesting, and kinda smelly.

I have four mini holes in the shirt I'm wearing today.  It's only after I've been at work for a few hours that, oh yeah, this is the shirt that has all those dang holes in it!

Speaking of swearing, I kinda gave up on my New Year's resolutions.  You know, because I was looking for this year to be better than the last two and what with my dog dying I figured that puts a check in the lose column for 2013.  Geez Louise.

But I'm not talking about that.

Still fighting a potato chip ache.  But on top of the chips is now a milk chocolate/caramel heart my co-worker brought in for me.  It'll be a long day of digesting.

Do you watch The Bachelor?  Doesn't Tierra look/act just a tad (sarcasm italics) like someone else we grew to loathe?  *coughCourtneycough*  And I am disappointed in Kacie B.  Girlfriend was my favorite in Ben's season and now?  Oh Kacie B.

Don't watch The Bachelor?  Please disregard the above.  But you should watch so we have something to talk about.

That's about it for now.  I'm fixin' to have me a breakdown thinking about going home to an apartment with no wagging tail.

You don't want to be around for it.

Thanks for the distraction, friends!


  1. Do you really drink your shake in the shower?

  2. About the shake in the shower - do you drink it out of a normal cup or with a straw? I'm just curious because how do you keep shower water from getting into it? And yes, living with a boy makes your house way smellier and not in a good way.

  3. Oh hon, so sorry about the dog! That's terrible. :( I hope good things happen to you this week, like Tierra getting voted off or a day of eating potato chips with no tummy ache.