Friday, December 14, 2012

Just another crazy dog lady

I'm a dog person.

A weirdo dog person; one who stops strangers to pet the iddy-biddy long haired chihuahuas they're carrying deep down inside their coats even if it means invading some serious personal space.

And I would expect the same if I had somehow managed to strap my 80 pound Golden somewhere onto my person.

Which I cannot.

I have tried.

Also as a dog person I allow myself to become as tiny as possible when I sleep so that my poor aging Oliver has room to stretch out on the bed when we retire for the evening.  After a few minutes of wrestling for position and covers and then fighting off nose jabs to my face we end up like this:

Oh the things we do for our D-O-Gs. 


  1. Did Corey get relagated to the sofa in that picture? ;)

  2. Love it! There are so many people out there that I am sure can relate to this photo. Happy holidays!! I am going to share this on my Facebook page:

  3. Excellent pic. And might I say, that's some serious bed head.

  4. That picture is amazing? Did you draw that? If so, I think you have some serious computer drawing talent, that stuff is hard.