Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Car accidents and colonoscopies, they go hand in hand

First I would like to say I did not realize how close we are to Christmas, not that this adds any additional stress, I just can't believe every single year it's like BAM.  Christmas is here.

Second, I got into a car accident last week and even though I'm fine I still want to talk about it.

And if we have time maybe we should start a dialogue on how I can transition better.  Mmmkay.

So this accident.  Yeah.  Last Tuesday I found myself hanging out on a telephone guidewire after someone turning left from the opposite lane didn't see me coming.  These things happen so fast. 

It wasn't a very complicated accident: there was a break in one lane of traffic and she tried to rush a turn into my lane.  I was right there so she hit me on my driver's side near my front wheel and pushed me right over the curb.  I was still going forward so I ended up on the guidewire.

Guidewires have a little more give than solid wood telephone poles; it was a soft landing.

We both were fine, I mean aside from our stomachs being lodged in our throats.

Those crazy nerves.

Our cars,  They were not fine.

Actually, I don't know what happened to her car.  She seemed to have some fender damage but I didn't stick around to chat about it.  I followed my car out on the tow truck.

It's funny how one second you can be driving along, singing your favorite Mariah Carey Christmas song, and then the next be sitting on the side of the road with your bumper clinging to life while you frantically dig through your glove compartment wondering why you didn't keep your registration and proof of insurance together so they'd be easier to find in the mess of fliers and napkins and receipts from your last four oil changes.

Fortunately, besides the obvious negative aspects of being in a car accident:
  • $6,000 in damages
  • horrible, horrible deductible to be paid six days before Christmas
  • slightly stiff neck
  • nervous that every car in the world is going to find a way to hit me

I have noticed a few positives:
  • surprise day off the next day!
  • Corey got my favorite pizza and two desserts!
  • all of the mechanisms on one of my front wheels will have to be completely replaced, which means there is a 50% chance the squeak I hear from up front when I make right turns will be gone!
  • I get new engine parts!
  • my rental car has new fancy technology that lets me lock, unlock, and start without taking the keys out of my purse!

The whole experience was a little traumatic, it was my first real accident (I don't include my sister backing into me in the driveway or my other sister's clueless co-worker bumping me and then trying to tell her dad it was my fault), but so far it hasn't been an entirely negative experience.

If this is how I respond to nearly totaling my car I wonder how I'll feel about colonoscopies....


  1. Thank goodness you're okay! I got hit by a car about 2 months ago and now I'm terrified that every car is going to hit me when I cross the street or parking lot haha


  2. I'm glad you're okay! I jut have that same response because I work in insurance and see so many accidents day to day. I always think I'm going to be hit.

  3. Wow, glad you're okay! I have a deep, dark secret to tell you...
    I kind of like car accidents.
    I mean, the few I've been in haven't been my fault, which means my entire front and rear end was replaced one time, resulting in shiny new paint job covering all the dings. It was like getting a new car for free!
    In fact, I could use a good total on that car because it's about time for a new one...
    In any case, as long as no one is hurt, it's just a bit of a headache...