Friday, December 7, 2012

All I need for Christmas are spatulas....and puppies

"Oh it's been, like, three years, maybe I should post again...."

A little dramatic, Stace. 

Please excuse, my mind is on other things.

Like how can I postpone Christmas a month.  Just one month, maybe two.  Three at the very most.  This year I just need more time.

None of my shopping is done.

None of my shopping has even been started.  So let's see what we can do about starting a campaign to prolong the Christmas season....yaaaaaay!

And in the spirit of giving, but mostly getting, here is my wish list to Santa.  With your help and that of about a million of your friends he will have two extra months to scrounge together a pretty decent load:

1. Puppies
Srsly, I put this is at the top of my list every year.  Someone will get the hint sooner or later.

2.  Fleece lined leggings
I'm cold.  Always.

3.  Spatulas
We have nothing with which to flip our pancakes.

4.  Purdue gear
A girl can never have enough memorabilia from the best school in. the. world.

5.  2013 Calendar
So I don't have to continue to use the Peru Central School calendar although it is helpful to know when it's taco salad day.

6.  iPhone
See this post on my smart phone dilemma

7.  Argyle dog sweater
I'm sick of my dog being so naked all the time. 

8.  Snowshoes
I like walking in nature when there is two feet of snow on the ground.

9.  Colored tights
I'm told this is a new thing to do.  I'd like to be with it but not too with it, so no fuchsia.  Teal is okay.

10.  More puppies
For real.  I would like. more. dogs.


I think that's a good place to start.  And if there happens to be enough room in the big guy's bag he can feel free to throw in an iPad or tablet of choice, I'm just sayin'.

But, since I don't really need anything I'll settle for a few spatulas, some sugar cookies in the shapes of stars and candy canes and quality family time.

You know I'm a sucker for family time.

...and cookies.

So get busy Santa.  You only have two months.

Three at the most.


  1. The guy behind me is talking to himself, it's really annoying. Oh wait, now he's listening to Frank Sinatra without headphones. I guess that's less annoying.

    I'm thinking about getting the kids dwarf hamsters. Not sure if I'll tell C first. Dealbreaker?

  2. Okay, I got your gift -
    Look out for a big box punched full of breathing holes and a sign on it reading "fragile - live puppies."
    But don't open till Christmas, it's a surprise.
    Wait, on second thought, open it right away.