Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They call me slim shady

I made that up.

No one calls me that, in fact the only nickname I have is Beetle and it's less to do with me and more about a car I had once upon a time.

But I am on the skinny side.

See how I did that?  Easing my way into a more "hot button" topic.

That's why they call me Stacie Seamless Transition Lucas.

Also made up.

Weight.  That's what I'm easing into, the issue of the day.  On most days.  'Specially for the ladies.  The hot button part is when you've got someone like me talking about it.  I'm, 5'8"* and I weigh 125 pounds, what the heck do I know about weight or the daily struggles associated with it?  I've gained only ten pounds since graduating from high school thirteen years ago and if we're allowed to be a little honest here I'd say I'm proud that I have found a way to stay trim and not want to jab a fork in my eye out of frustration from any number of crappy diets.

Wait, can I say crap here?

But I know many out there do struggle and I want to share what is working for me:

1. I don't drink soda.  Ever.  Gave it up when I was 13 and never looked backnoIamlying.  I may or may not have partook in one or two or thirty captain 'n cokes during that phase in my life that shall remain buried in a closet of bad choices.

Anyway, I don't drink soda.  Or juice.  Or sports drinks.  Or alcohol.  So. Much. Shugga.  Not even the diet stuff; don't even get me started on the devil of aspartame which I pronounce as-PART-ah-may to be funny.  Funny, right?  This saves me those sugar "credits" to use toward an occasional candy bar or half a pan of brownies.

Say wha...?!  Yeah, I do actually have a pretty ruthless sweet tooth.  I'm a slave to my body's need for Snickers, and cookies, and razzleberry pies.  If I don't give in every now and then I'll end up stuffing my face with whatever bag 'o goodies is closest and I end up doing more damage.

2.  I stay away from processed foods and snacks.  This especially includes fast food, but also chips and those delicious Little Debbie treats among others.  There's just something about a food that looks better with age that makes me think it might not be natural.  Never mind all those unknown chemicals and preservatives that simply make me feel yucky, run down and depressed.

3.  I exercise moderately.  And in small increments because I get bored easily.  20-30 minute walk in the mornings and 30 minutes running and stairs every other evening.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  Depends on whether or not I've been hung up on four times during the day and need to run out some steam.

4.  I give myself A LOT of flexibility.  Don't know if you noticed but I've been going through some things.  Throw a puppy and a jewelry business in the mix and there is no time or energy to do any kind of exercise.  I'd like to get my routine back, and I know I will, but in the meantime I'm not beating myself up over it.  That's one extra stressor I definitely don't need.

Also, I give myself flexibility in what I eat.  For instance, when Corey walks in with three boxes of Samoas and four boxes of Thin Mints you'd better believe I'm going to eat each box.  Because I know it's only one time out of the year we get these.  Or when I'm at a social gathering I will tap that sour cream & onion dip with a whole lotta Lays, but just at that one get-together.

5.  I look for balance.  This goes along with flexibility.  Those days I need me some fish and chips (yuuuuummm) I'll substitute the chips for vegetables.  If everyone else is getting a java chip frappuccino I'll cave to the peer pressure but use skim milk and no whip cream.

6.  I do eventually buckle down.  Sometimes.  When those inevitable extra pounds come on after a season of Girl Scout cookies and/or difficult, stressful times.  But I still give myself that flexibility, just not as much.  And I find that balance, but I lean more toward the veggies.  It's a slow process to bring me back down to 125 but I always manage to do it because it doesn't feel like work.

Obviously, more weight loss (as opposed to weight maintenance) requires a different approach, like more effort and more time.  But ultimately you have to do something that's going to work for you


* At one point in my life I was 5'8" so I will forever claim to be 5'8" even though my vertebrae are getting all lazy and saggy and I may or may not technically be hovering right around 5'7"


  1. Slim Shady ;)
    Good advice from a gal who is a living example. Timely advice to a gal who has not been balanced in eating habits of late. Well, I am often not balanced in this 70th decade - I weave in and out a lot and get a good laugh at myself (except the times I weave in and don't weave out and suffer a fall :(
    Always love to see your lovely face and remember the days we shared the top floor of your parent's home.
    Janie L.

  2. I am generally slim, but the past few years I've struggled with a little thing called work-life balance, and so I've yo-yo'd up and down about thirty pounds. I'm trying to re-find that balance and give myself grace while I'm working it out, but in the mean-time I just have to remember that I feel better when I eat clean foods. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Woo! Only 10 pounds!? That is pretty amazing. I'm at 17, currently...yet, I am slimmer looking than I was back then.