Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Before the pajamas come on I wear my big girl pants

So.....it's obvious what I do in those spare hours of my night just before I drift off into a Matlock or sometimes banana split induced slumber.

I make jewelry.

Sometimes I make homemade Christmas decorations.

But mostly, I make jewelry.

Do you have any idea what I do before I do what I really wanna do?

As in, what my big girl, daytime job is?

I don't talk about it much; it's just a job.  Nothing special like brain surgeon or professional cheerleader, but occasionally it has it's noteworthy moments.

Like today.

I work for a New York State Senator handling constituent issues.  If someone in the district has a problem with something me and a few others try to solve it.  Problems range from the genuine to ridiculous, but for the most part I leave with a sense of doing good by others.

I also leave and figuratively beat my head against a wall.

There's just something about being complained to every single day....

Usually, though, there's a case that comes around every other week or so that makes what I do worth it.  I've helped one girl get back on her feet after being left homeless, another I helped to avoid tens of thousands of dollars in agency fines on her business.

Today on the phone I came across a real gem that just might get me through the week:

"Thanks a lot for your help.  What's your name again?"






"Ooooh, Stacie.......I had a lover in high school named Stacie.  God was she hot."


Fantastic.  Now how long before pajamas and wool time??


  1. Wait, I thought all you did was make crafts, like a magical fairy godmother in Cinderella?? You have a real-world job too? You're my hero.

  2. oh.my.goodness! I got nothin' else.