Friday, October 5, 2012

It's all fun and games

Well hello there.

Nice to see you.

If you're new here, welcome.

If you're old here......welcome.

What do you think of the digs?  My home sweet new blog home.  I've got the the pink with the banner and the stuff on the side.  It's much improved from my old place where there was just blue and writing, and I talked about my misadventures on the radio during colon cancer awareness month and how my husband thought pee came out of my uterus.

You might want to take my word for it.   We are in a much better place now.

Although I do still share my misadventures, just not those that involve public speaking on a massive scale as I have banned myself from all extemporaneous speaking opportunities.

Yes, here at SJL Original we get into the adventures of daily life with a little "what's that smell the dog carried in" and a dash of behind the scenes of my growing business.

What's the business, you ask?

I'm sorry, bidness?  Is that what the cool kids say?

Well, my bidness is makin' stuff.

Like with my hands, I'm a crafter.

And felted wool jewelry is my game.


Bright, happy colors.

My dream job.

But there's a lot that happens behind the scenes to influence and inspire what I do.

So here I am using this space of the internet, this little iddy biddy blog to connect with you my friends, family, customers, future felters of America and to show you what life is like for this whimsical crafter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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