Monday, August 27, 2012

Bon Voyage!

No, no.  I'm not going anywhere!

I'm still snuggled up all cozy in my Saratoga Springs.

It's my parents and youngest sister, Kimberlie, who are packing up and moving on. 

To Wisconsin, of all places.

Wisconsin??  Where the heck is Wisconsin?

Good question.  Very good question.  Unless you're from the midwest, all those no-coastal states get jumbled together.

Surely Oklahoma borders Illinois and maybe parts of Ohio where that jut-out thing kinda juts out like it does....

Extra points if you know the shape of the state if not where it goes.

Minus points if you lived in Indiana for 11 years and still don't know what's on the other side of Illinois.

Stacie Jo.

Tsk tsk.

So without further embarrassing ado, I share the ridiculously short list of things I know about the great state of Wisconsin:

(wait, it is great right?  I'm just assuming it doesn't suck...)

{one}  Cheese.  People make cheese in Wisconsin and then they wear it on their heads at certain times.  Possibly when there are a lot of people all together in one place.  And then they call each other cheeseheads, but in a good way.

{two}  Green Bay Packers...whoop whoop!  And in watching Green Bay games I know that it snows a foot a minute all winter.  Which begins in October.

{three}  People say "eh?" at the end of sentences, turning all general statements into questions.  I can imagine this makes conversations very, very lengthy.

{four}  The state borders Lake Michigan and is home to Milwaukee and beer with a very misleading name.  Milwaukee's Best?  I sure hope not.

{five}  Home of the Badgers.  As in University of Wisconsin Badgers.  GO PURDUE.

{six}  Serial cannibal Ed Gein lived and "worked" here.  Is it weird that I know this?


Of course there's more to the Cheesehead State...

The, uh, Badger State...

Packer Nation?

The Land West of Lake Michigan Yet East of Minnesota, The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes?

Anyway, those Wisconsinites (actual term) have found a real gem in that there state.  Something that gives them a real reason to trudge around in armpit-deep snow while fending off flesh-eating cheeseheads and still say first thing in the morning, "I think I'll do it all over again today, eh?"

Goodness gracious.

So good luck Mom, Daddy and Kimberlie!

Corey and I will be there just as soon as you've dug a path for us.

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